1. Viagra (sildenafil citrate) is an efficient anti-impotence drug that works for most patients using it for fuller and more stable erection necessary to start and complete sexual intercourse. This drug is supposed to be taken only by males. These days it is not uncommon for people to purchase their Viagra online, as this is a much cheaper way to get the drugs required. As a result of that, more and more places appear offering this medicine for quite low prices. However, you need to be very careful and make sure you do not have any contraindications before you visit any online pharmacy. You may not be able to take Viagra or your dose will need to be lower if you have blood circulation problems, blood cell problems, stomach ulcer, conditions affecting the shape of the penis, liver disease, chest pain, heart attack, irregular heartbeat, heart disease, bleeding disorder, diabetes, stroke, kidney disease, high cholesterol, pulmonary veno-occlusive disease, high or low blood pressure, as well as a number of other diseases of the kind. When getting Viagra online, look for a pharmacy where they give you cheap international delivery and all the guarantees you need.

You may need to start taking Viagra (sildenafil citrate) if you have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, or male impotence, and are unable to have sex because of insufficient erections. Viagra is supposed to be taken regularly for you to benefit from the treatment as much as possible. It is very important that you get Viagra online from only trusted drug vendors, as that way you will be able to benefit from the treatment as much as possible. You may not combine Viagra with such drugs as HIV/AIDS medicines, certain antibiotics, drugs for heart problems, diclofenac, bosentan, rifampin, conivaptan, antidepressants, enoxacin, blood pressure medications, imatinib, cimetidine, or any other ones without your doctor's consent. If you are shopping online, ask the pharmacy of your choice if they offer the services of a healthcare professional that will help you make up your mind about the dose you will benefit from most. Viagra is supposed to be taken as needed, but not more often than every 24 hours. It works for 80% of patients using it and causes just a few mild side effects such as stuffy nose, muscle ache, headache, backache, and a number of other ones that may be quite individual.